Custom RSS feed name and locations


In my progress of migrating my site to Zola, I encountered a blocker: my site’s feed is located at /some-custom-path/feed.xml as opposed to the hard-coded (at least in my understanding) /rss.xml. I went a head and made a change to allow customization of the feed’s file name. I noticed in the PR template that I’m supposed to discuss it here :slight_smile:

So here we are. Please share your thoughts on:

  1. whether some improvements in the patch is desirable
  2. if there are alternatives that I’m not aware of (which is entirely possible)


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There are some changes coming for feeds in so let’s hold until the first batch of change is merged.
I don’t know whether this will be supported in Zola itself though, it seems very niche.

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I think that PR contains a similar change to the one I proposed. Looking forward to its merging. Thanks for pointing this out!

What do you mean by this? I’m going to assume you mean the path of my feed is uncommon. Here’s an attempt to convince you otherwise: try look around popular RSS feeds on the internet :slight_smile: You’ll find that it’s rarely /rss.xml. Examples:

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