RSS Issues With Version 11


I’ve just tried to generate our website using Zola V11. RSS functionality has breaking changes, which we have changed.

BTW: Not easy to find these release notes, why arn’t they linked on Zola main page? not the github release page the nicely formatted ones like bellow?

    RSS feed support has been altered to allow, and default to, Atom feeds, Atom being technically superior and just as widely-supported in normal use cases.
        New config value feed_filename, defaulting to atom.xml (change to rss.xml to reinstate the old behaviour)
        Config value rss_limit is renamed to feed_limit
        Config value languages.*.rss is renamed to languages.*.feed
        Config value generate_rss is renamed to generate_feed

    Users with existing feeds should either set feed_filename = "rss.xml" in config.toml to keep things the same, or set up a 3xx redirect from rss.xml to atom.xml so that existing feed consumers aren’t broken.

    The feed template variable last_build_date is renamed to last_updated to more accurately reflect its semantics

    The sitemap template’s SitemapEntry type’s date field has been renamed to updated to reflect that it will use the updated front-matter field if available, rather than date

Our website builds, with no errors.


The RSS feed we normally expect to be generated is does not exist.

Our config.toml is:

# New in Version 11 - Zola moved to default to atom.xml to to keep our old podcast names we need to use this config var
feed_filename = "rss.xml"
feed_limit = 75
generate_feed = true

# The taxonomies to be rendered for that site and their configuration
# Example:
taxonomies = [
    {name = "tags", rss = false, paginate_by = 6}, 
    {name = "english", rss = false, paginate_by = 6},  
    {name = "authors", rss = true, paginate_by = 2}, 
    {name = "downloads", rss = false, paginate_by = 8},
    {name = "podcast", rss = true, paginate_by = 75}, 

We would expect





to be generated. They are not.

However there is a spurious rss.xml in the root of the website. Which contains an generic ATOM feed.

	<rss xmlns:atom="" version="2.0">

Which we don’t use or ask to be generated.

This file was not generated in previous releases

The ability generate individual feeds for each taxonomy seems broken. Or are we not implementing something to specify that a taxonomy should have a feed properly?


In the config for taxonomies, replace rss by feed.

Ah this was a change from version 10.1 to 11? I missed that in the documentation. I’ll give it a try, thanks for the super quick response.

OK thanks, that fixed the problems. Maybe mention that rss > feed name change in the breaking changes list for others?

Once again, thank you.

Done in the next branch.