Missing shortcodes


have built-in shortcuts been removed in the last few months? I wanted to publish a post on my zola blog (has been a while) and it fails to build:

❯ zola build
Building site...
Error: Failed to build the site
Error: Failed to render content of /home/pinpox/code/github.com/pinpox/pinpox-homepage/content/blog/motorcycles/07-ventile-einschleifen.md
Error: Reason: Found usage of a shortcode named `youtube` but we do not know about. Make sure it's not a typo and that a field name `youtube.{html,md} exists in the `templates/shortcodes` directory.

There is indeed no youtube.md file, but there never has been and it always worked. Did something change in newish versions of zola regarding this?

For reference: This is the old version of the blog, where the youtube video is still shown: Pablo Ovelleiro Corral

Yes they have been removed in 0.17 as some were broken and it didn’t really make sense to have some built-in in practice.

Is that documented somewhere with a path on how to fix it? I’m probably not the only one stumbling over this, would it be possible to provide the original shortcode codes somewhere and an example on how to use them now? Some migration instructions would be very helpful, not sure where to go from here.

They are still in the git history: https://github.com/getzola/zola/tree/195b6bdff070913129f310f4fe68b42b5c8ba0a6/components/templates/src/builtins/shortcodes