List of posts from another site on same system


I have ported 2 sites from Jekyll, and was a super nice experience. Zola is great. One site has blogs, and I want to show the list of blogs from that on the other site, which lives on the same file system. I can see 3 ways, none attractive. Anybody else have a better idea?

  1. softlink content/blog from one site to the other. Does not work because it needs all the macros and shortcodes and templates, and other content.

  2. read atom.xml from other site. haven’t tried, should work?

  3. scrape the other site with beautiful soup and write a json which zola reads, (what I do now, as that was quickest for me to code)

  4. something better?

best, jack,

To answer my own question, this is what I thought best

{% set data = load_data(path="atom.xml") %}
{% for page in data.feed.entry %}
{{page.title}} {{}}