A way to get all pages in a template?

Hi !

I’d like to be able to produce a file (json, csv, whatever) where all pages of a zola website are represented (with some metadata like title for example, the sitemap data is not enough)

I have to use it for code generation and be able to link the website from our software in a strict error-less manner.

Would you see a manner to do that with zola ?

I’m quite new with the tool here and didn’t find this particular use case in the last days.

Thanks in advance for any clue you can provide in the right direction !

If its just about the blog pages, then RSS feed should give all data in XML format.

Indeed, it’s not “just about the blog pages”.
And a custom template won’t do the trick because the data provided in sitemap (Sitemap | Zola) is not enough (no title for example).

You can create a custom feed template. It gets the entire config variables, and all pages (as long as they have a date) with their variables.

Would that work for you? If not, what data would you be missing?

Well, so … if I understand well.
I have a choice between 2 kind of feed : rss OR atom (can’t have both)
The data sent to the template is different ? according to the template I configure in config.toml
I cannot have the same data in another file/template/page ?
=> so if I change my atom.xml template to something weird, I loose the atom feed feature ?


When voting, add 1 to the count. Another use case for the “get all page” function is to display recent posts. It would be more useful if all pages could be accessed, even if nested in section directories.

I agree, where do we vote ? Are you the only interested ?
(I wonder why nobody already asked for this feature, zola is already a big/wide community ?)