Invalid argument (os error 22) with zola 0.12.2

I have a little zola-driven blog on FreeBSD, and after upgrading from 0.10.0 to 0.12.2, my site won’t build anymore. The issuse seems to be related to the static catalogue.

~/dev/zola-test  $ zola build
Building site...
-> Creating 26 pages (0 orphan), 4 sections, and processing 0 images
Failed to build the site
Error: Invalid argument (os error 22)

If I delete the static folder, the site builds just fine. If I copy any file to the static catalogue - even something like “touch test.css”, the error will reappear. Everything worked fine in 0.10.0. Any ideas on how to approach this error?

I’m guessing it’s something in the static copying then, when we check the time of a file to compare if we need to copy or not components/utils/src/ ?

Thanks, I will check The error triggers on all my zola sites and even if I create a new zola project with a single static file, so I can’t build any zola projects. Since nobody else has this problem, I guess it might be a FreeBSD issue.