[SOLVED partially] Tell Zola to ignore specific directory

I wanna make setup like this:
on local pc I store and edit files, then changes synchronized to remote server with syncthing, where zola should take up changes and rebuild site.
But it throws error:

23:46:07 vrein@tokk:~/data/remote/sites/test1| zola serve
Building site...    
Error: Couldn't find front matter in `/home/vrein/data/remote/sites/test1/content/.stversions/BuyList.md`. Did you forget to add `+++`?

So ignoring specific folder would did the trick, but I could not find how to do this.
I tried use ignored_content = ["*stversions"], or glob like "\.*", but seems this suit only for file assets.
Any thoughts?

There is https://github.com/getzola/zola/issues/682 which is similar.

I’ll take a PR for it and haven’t started working on it myself (or planning to in the immediate future).

Thank you!
I have no experience with rust programming so I rather use linux features like hardlinks.
Thank for Zola :slightly_smiling_face: