How to import/convert Hugo theme?

I’d like to use Zola for an English/Hebrew multilingual site.
There is an excellent Hugo theme, see Hugo-theme-Zen/multi-language, which has everything I need, especially including RTL with the languageDirection parameter. My question is:
How does one go about converting a Hugo theme to use with Zola?

When I created the abridge theme for Zola, I used the large collection of available themes as a reference on how to accomplish certain things.

The Abridge theme supports multi language, although I am not sure about RTL support. I will check on RTL support when I get a little free time and add it.

I do believe that Tabi has RTL support: Pull requests · welpo/tabi · GitHub

You can also take a look at the page I created here: zola-themes-benchmarks/ at main · Jieiku/zola-themes-benchmarks · GitHub

You can browse all of the themes and explore their documentation for features etc as well: Themes | Zola

Once you dig into the code for a Zola theme you can slowly begin to understand how things works, the overall appearance of a given site is generally just css, and can be adjusted or modified as needed. You should be able to take the css or atleast a good portion of it from the theme you like, and work it into a new theme, assuming their licensing allows for that.

Thanks, Greatly appreciated