How to change the Starting Page of my website from the Blog section to a normal Page and the blog Section is a Seperate Page

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Sorry if this was asked already but could someone give a hint were in the Zola Documentation I can find “How to change the Starting Page of my website from the Blog section to a normal Page and the blog Section is a Separate Page”

It always defaults to the Blog Page as the Main Page. The website should not primary be the blog but more of a addition the Blog should be.
Also Have tried with themes but there are not really themes which have a normal page and a separate blog section. Most of them are featuring the Blog on the Main Page.

Just found the one Issue on Github:

  • but it is not what I an looking for.

At the Moment I am trying to change the theme Zola-Paper to this because Zola without a Theme also defaults to Blog as “Main Page”.

Have a screenshot attached from a different Theme which shows how I would like to have it (PS: this theme Soapstone shows it how I would have the

Main Page (website Loads on)

  • About
  • Posts (Page were Posts/blog are/is listed)
  • etc

, but if you install it it defaults back to were the Main Page only displays the Blog content)… So the Screen shots look very promising but the default Template is like any other…

If I edit my index.html in templates it doesn’t do the trick…

Its more or less “just adding” a additional page in front of the Blog Page were the website lands on… and the blog page moves in the main menu with the other about pages…

Is there something which gives me more information about this topic?

i believe you create an index.html file in the templates folder. which of course would just be standard html. Most blogs and Zola themes follow the structure that you speak of. home for home. blog in blog.

By default, Zola will look for three templates: index.html , which is applied to the site homepage; section.html , which is applied to all sections (any HTML page generated by creating a directory within your content directory);
Further details are found on this page

That can be overridden by creating a with contents specifying a different template. If you dont see a file then its wanting to use index.html

a standard _index.html contents

title = “List of blog posts”
template = “my-blog-section.html”. <---- THIS ONE HERE
page_template = “my-blog-page.html”

Mind you i’m no expert and just started two days ago. Give it a shot.

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That was more or less my first try to solve the Problem.
Did not really change anything. That’s why I am asking here.

Have rewritten the template “.html” file. Works but not what I thought is a good solution.