How to change the caching of 'data files'?

I’m using load_data in a new project to load different snippets of text in a complicated, big landing page. It doesn’t really work for me to use one giant markdown file at all. So in my template I just use load_data to grab the data. Some of text are stored in markdown files, some are stored as toml too. The site is also multilingual.

One issue that I’m encountering is that when I change text in one of those ‘data files’, I.e. what is passed as an arg to load_data, it doesn’t trigger a new build. I saw that in the documentation it says that data files are “cached based on file modified time”.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I improve the situation. It’s kind of torturous to make small changes on one of these data files and then have to quit and reload the whole server.

I do the same, keeping a lot of text in either json or just text files, using load_data to insert them into my html.

By keeping them in the content folder, zola serve rebuilds the site every time the files change.

best, j

Thanks J, that definitely worked. Do you by chance know if there’s a way to exclude .md within the content directory from Zola? I tried the excluding file assets thing from the documentation, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

No way to prevent .md loading from the content directory.
The cache should use the modified time looking at the code so that sounds like a bug?