Getting started with the hyde theme


I’m having trouble getting started with the hyde theme. Would it be possible to post the source for the example (the one with all the screenshots) somewhere?

In particular, I can’t seem to figure out how to get rich text in the description. In the example it looks like “A brazen two-column Jekyll theme . . .”, but it seems like the word Jekyll is actually a link, since it has a different color. How can I achieve this behaviour?

Additionally, is there a way to make the root of the site (as in default to a specific markdown file that can work as landing page. In the case of the example it would mean the Introducing Hyde page showing when is loaded, instead of at say, (Sorry about the underscores; link limit for new users) FIXED: it seems like transparent = true is the answer!

Furthermore, how could I go about producing a footer, like the one in the example showing the “Copyright 2014”?

If these features are not provided by the theme (as in there are no config fields to set for them, like for name or links), I think it would be helpful for the docs to include that. As a newcomer to static sites, what should and should not be provided by a theme is not obvious to me.

Thank you for your help!

The screenshot seems to be from the Jekyll theme: you can find the markdown code for that page here.

The code for the homepage (including the sidebar) is in the file themes/hyde/templates/index.html.

For the homepage content, you can modify the code between {% block content %} (line 54) and {% endblock content %} (line 68).

For the sidebar copyright notice, you can insert the following code at line 47 (a little above {% endblock sidebar %}):

<p>&copy; {{ now() | date(format="%Y") }}. All rights reserved.</p>

The sidebar links can be configured in the config.toml file (hyde_links).

Sorry for not responding! Thank you so much! This helped me with everything :slight_smile:

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