Getting raw content

In a template, it is obviously possible to get the content of a page in HTML with {{ page.content }}. But in my RSS feed, I would like to have the raw markdown content, as it was written.

Is it somehow possible?

Currently no, that would pretty much double the amount of serialization we have to do for the template engine and would make Zola almost twice slower and use more memory :confused:

If you’re fine with using a forked version, implemented here. I’d really like to upstream this; in my case, I need it for doing slides with reveal.js.

It’d also work for me to have a front-matter attribute, e.g. content_is_raw = true, that puts page.raw_content into SerializingPage instead; would a PR to do that be accepted?

Someone is currently having a look at changing the serialization in Tera:

If this pans out, then we won’t need special options!

Sweet, I’ll keep an eye on that!