How to insert raw html code snippets in zola?

I am new to zola. I have migrated from hugo. I am having trouble inserting raw html. If anyone knows how to accomplish it please help. I am currently trying to do it via shortcodes but failing badly.

Raw HTML in the markdown content should display as is. Make sure you use the | safe filter when outputting the content in the template.

So if I paste a html code for form as is, it will render the raw html?. Could you please help me on how do I put the safe parameter?. Pardon me, I am a complete novice - as in I can handle instructions but I cannot comprehend myself. I know very basic stuff of many things but no single thing very deep. In hugo there is a simple shortcode (( rawhtml }} using which I can insert html code (not as is but eg like a contact form). Please let me know how I can do the same in zola.

Commonmark will pass HTML as is while rendering.
For the | safe, it’s in the template where you are rendering your content: vincentprouillet/page.html at master · Keats/vincentprouillet · GitHub