Get the content without the summary

On my site, I sometimes want to use tables of content. However, I would prefer to include them after the first paragraph (similar to how Wikipedia does it). My idea is to use the break created by adding a summary (with <!-- more -->), i.e. put the summary on top, then the table of contents, then the rest of the content. For this, I would need a page variable containing only the rest of the content, so the summary doesn’t repeat (and preferably without the auto-generated continue-reading span, as I can add that myself in this case). Does something like this exist? Or is there another way of injecting a table of contents into the middle of my post?


There’s no way to do that right now in zola, but that would be easy to do in JS

I’d like to second this, as a feature request. This should be pretty straightforward to code and not require JavaScript.

Okay, I’ve found two workarounds: The first one is to use

    {{ page.summary | default(value="") | safe }}
    <!-- toc here -->
    {{ page.content | replace(from = page.summary | default(value=""), to= "") | safe }}

the downside of this is that the replace function replaces all occurrences, which feels a bit weird (but also that’s an issue with Tera default functions tbh).

An alternative way is to use split:

    {% set content = page.content | split(pat="<!-- TOC -->") %}
    {% if content | length > 1 %}
    {{ content[0] | safe }}
    {% endif %}

    <!-- TOC here -->

    {% if content | length > 1 %}
    {{ content[1] | safe }}
    {% else %}
    {{ content[0] | safe }}
    {% endif %}

This one puts the TOC where you write <!-- TOC -->. The advantage is that this is not bound to the “summary” feature anymore, and you can better customize where to put it. I agree that the code is a bit less elegant, though it would have a rather pretty solution if I could store templated blocks into their own variable. Still need to figure that out.