Does Zola work on Raspberry Pi


I was trying to find any mention of Raspberry Pi in the forum but didn’t find any. I wanted to know if I can host Zola on my Raspberry Pi. Is there any potential downside to installing it via Snap?

I have no idea if it works. Installing from snap should work though.

I tried to compile Zola on my Pi4 (4gb) on DietPi, unsuccessfully, but I may suggest that you can install Docker on Pi and create image with Zola

memory allocation of 805306368 bytes failed
error: could not compile `lindera-ipadic`.

Caused by:
  process didn't exit successfully: `rustc --crate-name lindera_ipadic --edition=2018 /root/.cargo/registry/src/ --error-format=json --json=diagnostic-rendered-ansi,artifacts --crate-type lib --emit=dep-info,metadata,link -C opt-level=3 -Clinker-plugin-lto -C codegen-units=1 -C metadata=1e6b0d4008d45c8b -C extra-filename=-1e6b0d4008d45c8b --out-dir /root/zola/target/release/deps -L dependency=/root/zola/target/release/deps --extern bincode=/root/zola/target/release/deps/libbincode-49771c58b14874e9.rmeta --extern byteorder=/root/zola/target/release/deps/libbyteorder-26bcbded30490bd3.rmeta --extern lindera_core=/root/zola/target/release/deps/liblindera_core-93524d8334465a4d.rmeta --cap-lints allow` (signal: 6, SIGABRT: process abort signal)
warning: build failed, waiting for other jobs to finish...
error: build failed

Ah yes that’s a known issue. The next version should work since this particular lib will not be present anymore. You can try the next branch

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skillful! So, Zola has built and works successfully on Raspberry Pi :slight_smile:



That’s awesome! I am gonna give it a go.

Just wondering, maybe it will be valuable to support ARM64 for future releases? AWS uses ARM64 processor on their cloud, Apple will shift to ARM, and also it has been supported by Azure Pipelines since june:

I can look at adding it to the azure pipeline

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It seems I’m not smart enough to read the docs and see how to set it up :frowning:

unfortunately, you’re right, ARM is supporting just for self-hosted agents in Azure Pipelines, there is no way to add in azure pipeline’s yaml something like:

                  imageName: 'arm64-image'
                  rustup_toolchain: stable
                  target: 'aarch64-linux'

and achieve binary that has been compiled for arm.

I can compile new releases on my raspberry pi aarch64, but what next, how to share it