Different page languages without multilingual site

I’d like to have individual pages in different languages, but without translating them or the entire site. Currently if I simply add .lang.md to the file name, this won’t help because it then won’t be shown in any section listings of the default language.

This is not about having translations for individual pages, merely about pages in different languages, although that would be a nice bonus feature.

No way to do that with the multi-lingual setup of Zola. If you want to have them in the same section, can you put the language code in [extra] and handle it manually. It will screw up the search index though if you have one.

Yes, that’s basically my workaround, I put extra.lang in there and then in the index.html template I check for that in addition to lang. I’d like to simply be able to set lang in the front matter and be done with it instead. I don’t have search enabled or anything so I personally don’t care about the search index

Which feature do you want to use that you need to use the built-in language features if you want all the pages to be part of the same section (unless I misunderstood)

Yeah, probably the only thing I need is for page.lang to show the correct value. Currently it is forcefully automatically generated, which I can work around with a custom attribute to check, but this is annoying and error-prone.