Lang option for get_section

It would be nice to have a lang parameter in get_section, like in get_url and some of the other functions.

I’m building a site that renders all the different sections directly on the main page, and then it would be nice not to have to have loads of if statements building up the path strings for each section.

I gave implementing it a go, so I would be happy opening a pr with it.

If you are not for the idea, then maybe some helper function to build the path with lang could be an alternative?

I’m not sure how that’d work. In get_section/get_page, we currently only look for the filepath so it would be a pretty big change to search for multiple directories like get_url.

hmm, then I probably have misunderstood how it works with languages and sections. I’m new to zola, but from how I understood it to work was that in the section folder you have one and then for each non default language you would have separate, and that it would be as easy as just adding that lang code if it differed from the default language.

eg to load the German version of a section I would do:


But it sounds like I’m missing something important about the structure of a multi lang page?