Debugging zola building problems/config


I’ve been using jekyll for years and now like to transition to zola (watching build-container that offers the folder to nginx-container). Further along I’d like to export from Jolpin to zola-files.

Right now I’m struggeling with the simple rebuild by /usr/bin/zola serve --watch-only.
When I modify a content-file zola will recognize it and states it.

Building site...
-> Creating 8 pages (0 orphan), 4 sections, and processing 0 images
Done in 5.5s.

But the are no changes to the public files!
I checked:

  • file and folder permissions
  • changed to zola-process only (that nginx might not hinder filemodifications)
  • switched to other host with pure zola-binary
    All results are the same.

If I run zola build everything is build correctly.

How can I get more details from zola to figure out the issue?

Thanks a lot!

(details: zola-version: 0.12.2 / enabled Zumla-theme / watch just builds all the css files and stops then, zolaprocess states as above)

zola serve does not create files in /public.
That’s why zola build exists.

(As far as I understand, this is intended. Because the files are not needed anymore when the server is stopped.)

sorry if I got you wrong,

zola serve particularly for local webdev. In the past it created files in public, but it was overhead especially for SSD resources. If you want to rebuild website when some files change, you might take a look on watchexec tool

Exactly what @Roman said. Only static assets get copied in the public directory with zola serve, if you want to build the html files, you need to use zola build.

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This can’t be right / doesn’t make sense.

scenario: I have a /public-folder containing a full build and
then change a file in /content.
Consequently I then would expect that the change would be recognized by
/usr/bin/zola serve --watch-only
in order to refresh all related files in /public. - in reality it doesn’t.

jekyll in comparison is handling this just fine.

@Roman, thanks for the hint to watchexec

@keats: What’s the benefit of serve in combination of --watch-only then?
The help states it clearly. If this is wrong, please correct the help. Thanks.

Serve the site. Rebuild and reload on change automatically

    zola serve [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]

        --watch-only    Do not start a server, just re-build project on changes

You’re right, I will remove the watch-only option it doesn’t make sense anymore.

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