Blog comments for Zola: Talkyard

Hi Zola people / Vincent,

I built a commenting system and made it work with Zola. Could be of interest for people who want to add comments to their Zola blog, but don’t want to use Disqus, because of ads and tracking. Also, maybe it makes the Zola blogs out there, look better than what Disqus does? Here’s how it looks:

It's called [Talkyard Blog Comments](, is open source ([GitHub repo]( There's optional hosting, with privacy, no ads no tracking. It's fairly lightweight, only 150 kb Javascript (Disqus was around 750 kb, + tracking, last time I checked).

I was reading in the Rust forum over at Reddit this weekend, and stumbled upon a topic about Zola and a new Zola version, and got interested in Zola.

(Any thoughts or feedback would be welcome.)


Here’s a screenshot of the installation instructions for Zola:


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That looks pretty nice!
I’ll have a deeper look next week

Hi Vincent, ok, some time later, whenever you have had time to have a look, it’d be interesting to hear your thougts.

Sorry, super busy these days :frowning:

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I would really like to see this, or something similar, as part of Zola.

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