`yaml` frontmatter as a config option

Currently the recommeded frontmatter format with zola is toml. It does support yaml but recommends toml in the docs. I don’t know if there are features or planned features that are not compatible with yaml. Perhaps the maintainers can clarify.
IMO it would be a better UX to have the frontmatter type in the config. It will default to auto and could be set to enforce either of the two.

Yaml is only there for people transitioning from other tools. What’s the benefit of enforcing it? Pick what you prefer and enforce it yourself.

Would the support for YAML continue in the future?

I don’t foresee any changes to front-matter so it should be ok. The only reason to remove it would be if it has bugs and no one fixes them.

Thanks for clarifying.

I am trying to build a publishing pipeline for my dendron notes via zola. I find their default publishing strategy via Jekyll very basic and bland.
As dendron prefers yaml, I wanted to clarify before comitting to a single format that may not remain supported in the future.