Travis gives a different result than local zola serve


First thanks for your amazing work, zola gives me very nice results.

I deployed my website on github pages using travis. The build worked fine.
And the website is available at :

On my local machine (ubuntu bionic) zola 0.80 is working well and i got exactly what i wanted as a website. You can see the github repo here:

The matter is that on the travis build for english (which is my base_url) blog articles are not displayed. However blog articles are displayed for spanish and french “main page”.

I don’t know why i got different results with travis in github pages and zola --serve in local machine.

That’s really weird, there shouldn’t be differences if the version is the same :/. I’m a bit busy right now, I’ll check Sunday/next week.

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Hi keats,

Finally you can save your Sunday, i found a way and it works well right now locally and with travis.
I think using global variable current_url was a bad idea.

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