Taxonomies on a multilingual website

I have the following taxonomies for the default language (en) and a second language (de):

taxonomies = [
	{name = "categories"},

taxonomies = [
	{name = "kategorien"},

In my template the get_taxonomy_url function works only for the default language:

{%- if page.taxonomies.categories %}
	{% for cat in page.taxonomies.categories %}
		<a href="{{ get_taxonomy_url(kind='categories', name=cat) | safe }}">{{ cat }}</a>
	{% endfor %}
{% endif %}

{%- if page.taxonomies.kategorien %}
	{% for kat in page.taxonomies.kategorien %}
		<a href="{{ get_taxonomy_url(kind='kategorien', name=kat) | safe }}">{{ kat }}</a>
	{% endfor %}
{% endif %}

For the second language I get this error:

Error: Reason: Function call 'get_taxonomy_url' failed
Error: Reason: `get_taxonomy_url`: couldn't find `Gedichte` in `kategorien` taxonomy

“Gedichte” is a term in a md file:
kategorien = ["Gedichte"]

What am I doing wrong?

You need to pass the lang argument when you’re not looking up the default language.

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Thank you again! You won’t believe how much I have racked my brains over this… =)