Support for abbreviations (<abbr> HTML tag)


I’m migrating a website from Jekyll to Zola and I’m struggling with abbreviations (the abbr HTML tag).

In Jekyll, the syntax to create an abbreviation is *[label]: abbreviation-title. And then every label is replaced by <abbr title="abbreviation-title">label</abbr>.

I know I can embed HTML in my Common Mark files, but having support for it in Zola would be great!

Does Zola support this as well? I couldn’t find in the docs.


It’s an extension that is not supported by GitHub - raphlinus/pulldown-cmark so not right now.

There’s an issue to add support for abbreviations to pulldown-cmark: abbreviations support · Issue #5 · raphlinus/pulldown-cmark · GitHub

If/when that project supports it, then Zola would also support it? That makes sense.

Yep, it will