Markdown: Support for "smart" typography


One of the features I thought would be interesting from using Jekyll is “smart” typography, which comes from the SmartyPants spec implemented as an extension in the RedCarpet markdown parser, as noted in Jekyll docs.

To give some examples, that would mean turning text like this:

"some curly quotes" 'like this' -- they're pretty awesome --- yo

…into this:

“some curly quotes” ‘like this’ – they’re pretty awesome — yo

Discourse (this forum) actually does this by default too – see the en-dashes I’m using right now? :slight_smile:

By no means do I think this should be a default, but it would be interesting to add – I love {en,em}-dashes in particular. :slight_smile:


I think it would have to be an option of pulldown-cmark no? Hugo has smartypants support through their markdown renderer ( and it seems like having one implementation beats everyone re-implementing it.


That’s true that it’s really the parser that should support this – there would probably still need to be an option in Zola proper for enabling/disabling that support, though. I’m guessing that you’re open to adding it if and when support actually happens?




I have added details from here to an issue in pulldown-cmark upstream. I hope that the ping gets some more attention to it. :slight_smile: