Site title no longer being generated

Not sure if this is a bug or my error as it seemed to be working before. It seems zola is no longer reading the title set in config.toml for incorporating in templates and atom feed generation. I welcome any suggestions… not sure if this is linked to recent update to 0.15.0-1 (Arch Linux).

My config.toml includes the following:

base_url = ""
title = "Daniel Rees"
description = "The personal website of Daniel Rees"

The base.html template includes:

	  {% block title %}
	        {% if page.title %}
	  	{{ page.title }} - {{ config.title }}
                {% else %}
	  	{{ config.title }}
                {%- endif %}
	  {% endblock title %}

The generated content pages correctly include the page.title but not config.title. The same is true of the atom.xml generated under /blog/ which no longer includes the site title.

It’s a known issue, update to 0.15.2 and it should work again.

imho this error is back in 0.16.1

Try to update to 0.17.2.