Site generated urls are recursive

(First of all, love zola, think it’s great, yada yada. Really makes things simple and easy.)

I’m running into kind of a funny error. I’m running a blog that’s deploying to Netlify.

If I put in my config:

base_url = ""

my links, say, my about page, render as


for example on my actual, Netlify-deployed, site-live blog. But not on my live preview! On my preview they work totally fine, everything as expected.

And if I keep clicking them, it keeps adding more mycoolblog.coms until my URL explodes to infinity and beyond.

If I do

base_url = ""

then everything works normally.

I am using all vanilla Tera and URL generation like

{{ item.url | replace(from="$BASE_URL", to=config.base_url) | safe }}

Any thoughts on what’s goin on/where to look?

Grateful for the help and this awesome app.


Edits: Noticing that Netlify uses zola v 0.11, and I’m using zola v 0.12. Not sure if that’s the difference.

I believe base_url should require a http/https url but I don’t remember exactly why. This should be enforced if it’s really required.