Override permalink/base_url value?


I’m running zola serve in kubernetes. My website is fronted by an nginx ingress proxy which is handling https. From the nginx proxy inbound into the cluster, my site is accessed via port 80.

I instantiate zola as zola serve -i -u site.name -p 80

The problem sneaks in that base_url is returned in multiple places as “http://site.name:80/path/to/page” but I need zola to instead show that as “https://site.name/path/to/page” – Is this possible somehow?

Looking at the code it appears that base_url is a concatenation of the base_url and port, which makes situations like this (reverse proxy) somewhat difficult to work around, I think?

Thanks for any suggestions you can provide.

I’ve never tried that but zola serve is only meant for local development. I’m not sure there is a way around that

I figured that zola serve was a legitimate way to serve the site; I’ve since transitioned to nginx hosting the public/ folder and that’s working well.