Remove lighter/heavier and earlier/later

In favour of consistent previous/next.
What do people think?

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If we would use one definition instead of two — it will be great, 'cause now, if you have two section with different sorting (weight and date) - you should have two separate blocks\templates for related content.

Personally I like the distinction between “heavier / lighter” and “earlier / later”. Previous / next in the concept of “weight” means I’ll either have to test to figure out what “previous” means with regards to weight, whereas it’s immediately obvious that heavier things have a greater weight.

I understand the draw of simplicity, though, and it is likely only something one would have to look up or try a couple of times to just know.

This was a slightly longwinded way of just shrugging, I guess.

That’s the reason they are named that way :wink:

The issue is that there will be a-z sorting in the next version on top of weights and dates so that’s either 3 sets of variables or just previous/next and you can re-use the templates instead of having a if for each variable

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That’s the reason they are named that way

Oh, I get that’s why they’re originally named that way. I was just saying that I like that level of explicitness in the naming, because it means that the usage explains itself, instead of having to refer to some documentation. That’s probably just repressed WordPress trauma coming through though; your naming structure seems pretty sound.

Can a page have a weight and a date?

Yes, although only one is used to sort obviously.

Then I think any explicitness that we have now is not as important as the convenience this change would bring.

How about a more general higher/lower or greater/smaller instead? This way the naming stays neutral and does not describe a semantic ordering of posts.

The problem I see with previous/next is that it requires some mental gymnastics if you want to use a non-default ordering for your site. For example, you might need to set the “next post” link of an article to previous, which is not really intuitive and might confuse people.

That is exactly the reason for the current names. I was making a site in Hugo and all the names were reversed to the actual variable name.

I kind of like higher/lower, what do people think?

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