Next/Previous section based on weight


I have multiple sections that are sorted by their weight. This works great and I can generate an overview in the parent section. I’d like now to add links to the previous/next section on each section content, or on a page of a section.

I noticed that there are heavier/lighter variables available in a page, but not in a section. Since I can sort sections by weight, it is confusing to me that these variables are missing in the section template? I thought I could maybe use get_section and then get somehow to the next/previous one in a page template and get directly to it in a section template.

Is there a way to generate these links?

PS: I’m new to zola (0.11.0), and I really like it! Thank you for creating it! I’m sorry if this (and the other one I created so far) is a dumb question.

It looks like an oversight, lighter/heavier should be added to sections as well

Thank you for your response. I’ll take a look into a later release :slight_smile: Thanks.