Page metadata JSON & Multiple tags

Currently, if taxonomies / tags are enabled, you can easily generate index pages for each individual tag. This is a great feature, as the pages for individual tags can be generated to static HTML pages at site compile time.

Sometimes, however, it could be useful to be able to filter with multiple tags. A user could select multiple tags in their browser, and see the applicable posts in real time. This would of course require a front end component, some JavaScript that could parse some statically-generated metadata blob and filter available posts based on the multiple tags selected. One could optionally even build additional logic, e.g. searches with “AND”, “OR”, “NOT” and so on.

Currently, Zola can optionally generate a search index for full text search, to be used with a client-side JavaScript helper. If I am not mistaken, however, this search index does not have the metadata available.

Could it be possible to have an option that generates (something along the lines of) a JSON structure with all page metadata available, which could then be easily utilized by any additional front end code?

This could make for some nice additional post filtering features, as well as be a lighter-weight option than the full-text search bundle for sites that might not need it.