[SOLVED] Sorting of subsections and their pages

I have the following content directory structure:

|-- blog

‘cat1/_index.html’ and ‘cat2/_index.html’ have transparent = true and sort_by = “date”.
‘blog/_index.html’ has sort_by = “date”.

When I list posts in the blog section, everything works as expected (posts from ‘cat1’
and ‘cat2’ are listed in order of date). The problem is listing the subsection links.
As mentiond in the docs, subsections must be ordered by “weight”. However, I need
sort_by = “date” in ‘blog/_index.html’ to list the posts in order of date. It seems that I need ‘blog/_index.html’ to have something like:

sort_pages_by = "date"
sort_subsections_by = "weight"

The only workaround I can think of is to give each page a “weight” based on its date (weight = 20180102, weight = 20180104, etc.) and then sort everything by “weight”, but this is a rather ugly hack. Am I missing something?

Please ignore this post. I restarted “zola serve” and the section weights got picked up. Everything works as expected now.