Multiple section pages for single section

Hi! I’d like to have multiple sections for a single group of pages. Essentially, I’m attempting to output the same group of pages in different formats (each using a different section template). Is this currently possible? Maybe there’s a simpler way to achieve this?

Folder structure something like:

I’d like the option to add something like this: /section1/

With access to the same {{ section }} variable and data. This would allow me to use a different template and output my data in my desired format.

Use case: think of data being output in plaintext, also json, also some other formats. Resulting URLs would be:


Figured it out, need to use get_section() which returns an object of section pages, then just set up my directory structure as needed.

This allows me to make a “section list” on any arbitrary page, which solves my problem.


There was a lot of discussions about multiple output formats at some point but it didn’t go anywhere in the end.

yeah, I need this too, my scene is I want to use different templates to render section in different sort by , if I use get_section, it will not work with pagination. painful need