List with custom links (solved)

i want to have a list-page where each link (to the “post”, usually page.permalink) go to a specific remote url that is defined in the front matter, is this possible with zola? for example in hugo i can make a line with “link: https://example.url” in the frontmatter, which i can get with “” inside of “range .Pages” in the list.html. would this be possible in zola? i have no coding skills except some html/css, and i couldnt find anything regarding this in the docs

You can put anything you want in the [extra] section of a front-matter

how will i pick this up with my list.html? i found out {{}} work, but that just picks it from the config file, i want it to be picked up from the front matter of each file

edit: got it working with {{ }} :slight_smile: