Is it possible to use HTML in title variable?

A few articles of my blog use italics for foreign words on titles. How to achive the same with Zola? As you can see below (left side Zola, right side Pelican), the i tags are completely ignored:

The metadata on the file is the following, I’ve tried with quotes as well, but it doesn’t work as I’d like:

title: Crear servicio oculto para sitio web en Nginx (<i lang="en">clearnet</i> y <i lang="en">darknet</i>)
slug: "crear-servicio-oculto-para-sitio-web-en-nginx"

Does it need to be in the title (as in html head title)?
If not, you can style your first h1 however you want via regular markdown and just coincidentally set the header title to the same unstylized title

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Are you putting {{ page.title | safe }} where you are rendering the title?

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No, this is the code used from index.html:

                <div class="posts">
                    {% if paginator.pages %}
                       {% for page in paginator.pages  %}
                         <div class="post">
                           <h1 class="post-title">
                             <a href="{{ page.permalink }}">
                               {{ page.title }}

                           <span class="post-date">{{ | date(format="%Y-%m-%d") }}</span>
                       {% endfor %}
                    {% endif %}

You can find the whole source code here. I’m migrating from Pelican to Zola to reduce the generation time, but some things that I need are missing and I don’t know how to program plugins for Zola in Rust. I think the documentation should have a section explaining how to extend Zola with custom plugins.

There are no plugins in Zola.
In that case it should be fixed in the hyde template directly, I’ve just done that: Update index.html · getzola/hyde@e6df406 · GitHub