Invalid json generated in JSON-LD

On my personal blog deployed with Zola, I received an error in Google Search Console about “Parsing error: Missing ‘}’ or object member name”. I checked the affected page, and noticed the application/ld+json sections have invalid JSON.

The affected page is If you view source, you’ll notice in the first JSON-LD snippet, it has:

"headline": "Enhancing Your Helix Editor: A Guide to Optimal Configuration",
"image": , // <-- This is invalid JSON
"datePublished": "2023-06-07",

And the second snippet has also some invalid JSON:

    "@context": "",
    "@type": "BreadcrumbList",
            "@type": "ListItem",
            "position":  1 ,
            "name": "Home",
            "item": ""
          // ...

My website is open source at Is there something I’m doing wrong here? Is it due to my theme? Or is this a Zola bug?


I just found Akidocs (the theme I’m using) isn’t really maintained, and it’s an issue with the theme.
Someone’s made a PR for one of the JSON issues:, looks like I’ll just have to patch this myself for my website.

I should’ve looked into this more before creating a post, apologies. Hopefully this could at least help someone else who comes across the same issue.