I want to translate Documents in korean

Hey guys.
I am CS student in Southkorea.
As a user of Zola, I wanna add translated document in zola website.
How can i contribute for it?

Not entirely sure what you mean. Does this page help? Multilingual sites | Zola

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Do you mean you want to translate the Zola docs in Korean? We’re not planning to have multi-lingual docs just yet as there would ideally be a full rewrite of the docs after Zola switches to Tera2

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Yes. It’s what I mean. I wanted to translate Zola docs into Korean. I didn’t know that Zola is going to be switched to Tera 2. When will Terra 2 be released? Thanks for your help.

No timeline yet for tera 2 but that’s not soon. And then it will allow some stuff that we cannot do in Zola right now so it will require quite a few changes to Zola as well