How to add an image to a blog post page

I’m just starting with zola, it’s my first static site generator. I followed the tutorial and am now trying to add an image to one of my blog posts. I can add the markdown for it but when I view it the browser with zola serve the image does not show (though I do see the img tag created). Moreover, when I build my site, the image stays in the section folder while my post gets its own folder, invalidating the path to my image. I’m trying it with the image colocated with my blog’s markdown file, but ideally I think I’d like images separated into folders for each blog post. But, one thing at a time. Is there a way to make this work? What am I missing?

I figured it out, I just needed to use the path as if it were built (so up one directory).

I have not figured out how to make a folder for my post’s images - actually, what is the standard way to organize image assets for a blog using zola?

I guess I wasn’t reading the docs closely enough, was too busy looking for an example. but this makes sense, use an file in a folder for the post if you want to colocate assets with it: Overview | Zola