Help improve the README

Hello folks, i recently started work on improving the README file here. You can preview these changes here.

Don’t hesitate to submit feedback before the pull request is merged. But if you arrive too late to the discussion, it will always be possible to continue the discussion and open a new pull request.

In particular, i’m curious for feedback on the comparison table with other Static Site Generators. Should the list of features remain in a single big table, or split into separate tables like in the proposed README? This specific point can be discussed over there or in this thread :slight_smile:

As I really dislike both GitHub and splitting a discussion across multiple sites, I’d prefer to talk about the table splitting here:

In my opinion, the primary point of Zola’s README is: What is it, how can I help, how can I use it and what can it do? Wasting too many paragraphs on talking about other software makes the README pointless. This should rather go in Zola’s actual documentation.

It makes sense to have the comparison in both places, actually, given that many may well discover Zola strictly through GitHub due to the latter’s “explore” functionality.

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