`current_path` seems to include the language component

current_path seems to include the language component of the path. imho it should not

<a href={{get_url(path=current_path, lang='en' )}} .. > en
<a href={{get_url(path=current_path, lang='en' )}} .. > ja

one cannot remove the ‘ja’ component of the path to return to ‘en’

so i ended up with the following workable hack
where ‘lang’ is the current language

{% set mypath = current_path | default(value='') | trim_start_matches(pat="/"~lang~"/") %}

<li><a href="{{get_url(path=mypath, lang='en' )}}"  >English</a></li>
<li><a href="{{get_url(path=mypath, lang='ja' )}}" >日本語<</a></li>

not sure current_path should included the lang component of the path. or maybe a new function is warranted

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