Config.description not converted/displaying

i’m using a macro for the header and called it as such

{{ head::header(config = config, security_config = }}

the following config.description is not transformed for sections and pages.

<meta name="description" content="{{ config.description }}" />

but other variables in config.toml always are converted. for example. the following are transformed as expected.

<meta name="base" content="{{config.base_url}}"/>
<meta name="copyright" content="{{}}"/>

The config.description is guaranteed in the config.toml file - and imho should be avail for section and page?!
And there is NO error rendering the site.

It should be available everywhere? That’s a bug if it isn’t

The same goes for config.title.

But config.default_language does render

Would u like me to issue a bug in git or ?!