Branch next - config.feed_filename error

I switched from “master” to “next” branch due to a bug with syntax highlighting, where setting the extra_syntaxes var in config.toml caused the builtin syntaxes to not be displayed. Now I’m getting this error:

Reason: Failed to render 'page.html' (error happened in a parent template)
Reason: Variable `config.feed_filename` not found in context while rendering 'page.html'

page.html extends index.html in the templates, here’s the offender in index.html:

      {% if config.generate_feed %}
        <link rel="alternate" type={% if config.feed_filename == "atom.xml" %}"application/atom+xml"{% else %}"application/rss+xml"{% endif %} title="RSS" href="{{ get_url(path=config.feed_filename) | safe }}">
      {% endif %}

Obviously feed_filename is no longer valid in the “next” branch. Anyone know what I need to do to generate a feed and get the url?

Partially answering my own question here, if I just go with the default value of /atom.xml it works, and I can live with that.

      {% if config.generate_feed %}
        <link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" title="RSS" href="{{ get_url(path="/atom.xml") | safe }}">
      {% endif %}

However, it would be great to know if this is still going to be configurable as it was before. The documentation in the repository hasn’t been updated yet (I looked) and I’m a little too tired to did through the code tonight…

Ah I forgot to add that field to the new serialized configs. I’ll fix that now

Awesome! Good to know.