Change blockquote color

Sorry for basic question.

New to Zora, but enjoying it.

I want to change the colouring (text and background) for when i am using blockquote “>” in my markdown in one of the pages. I am using the juice template.

What is the standard or any way to do this?


The styling of elements such as blockquotes, backgrounds, text, will all be handled by the css of the theme. Some themes makes it easier to override styles than others. Your question would be best suited for the Juice theme github repo.

the demo has a blockquote:

I did inspect element in firefox and it appears the styling is handled by .content blockquote {} so you would override that style, or find the relevant lines in the themes scss files and edit them directly.

In the abridge theme I recently started a refactor, and one of the things I did was make it simpler to override things:

Many thanks!