Tera block inheritance when modifying a theme

In a theme called theme, I have the following templates setup:

index.html: provides some_block for users of the theme to change
base.html: extends index.html
page.html: extends base.html

When I include the theme in a site, I use templates/index.html to override the theme:

{% extends "theme/templates/index.html" %}

{% block some_block %}
    <tag>Some user defined content goes here ...</tag>
{% endblock some_block %}

I was expecting this override to be applied to all pages. But Zola applies it only to the index page, not to the others. But as I stated above, all other pages are inheriting from base.html, which in turn extends index.html. Am I missing something here?

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That’s a long standing issue: https://github.com/getzola/zola/issues/361

Thanks. I understand this is expected behavior, although not really ergonomic.

But for now I will have to find an alternative for my theme.

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