ANN: Emile, a workflow companion for Zola

With cobalt, I’ve setup a workflow that allowed me to schedule posts for automatic future publication of my blog post.

Zola is great but some stuff was missing to keep the workflow so I wrote a wrapper around it.

My blog post explain my setup: Scheduling a post with Zola and Emile · Geob-o-matic
Emile’s repo: GitHub - Geobert/emile: A workflow companion for Zola

Hope it can help some Zola users :slight_smile:


I’m reviving this topic to announce the version 0.3 of emile with a simpler workflow to schedule posts:

you define a schedule_dir and do emile watch site_directory to watch for changes.
Changes in the scheduled_dir will be read to extract the date from the posts in this directory to schedule future publication.

How you sync the website’s directory is up to you, I’m using rsync :slight_smile:

Hope this can help some people here :slight_smile:

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Thank you for working on it again. :slight_smile: Emile is a very good helper for Zola, especially for those coming from WordPress.

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Small update on emile, since 0.4.2, it can post on mastodon when a scheduled post is published :smile:

emile 0.5.0 is out with the ability to post to Bluesky and a schedule command to make the scheduling friendlier!

Note that the social media config part has changed a lot and is not backward compatible.

Thanks for creating and sharing your project!