Zola new post/foo.md

Is there a command to start a new post with some default keys (like adding the date, title)? something like in hugo when using new post/title.md

No there isn’t

Any tip, tool to create new posts? is there a way to have a template so that the “author” could just start writing without the need to worry about the format of the headers?

I am trying to find an easy way for “authors/editors” to create new posts.

copy\paste the template from another directory to zola’s ? From my expirience copywriters don’t like cmd or terminal and feel more confident with finder\explorer :slight_smile:

true, could you please share a link to a “post” template? for the date I use date -u +"%FT%TZ but as you mention “copywriters” prefer not to use the command line, any tip from where they can get the current date besides sites like timestamp-converter?

I am trying to simplify the whole edit process, for now, I hosted Zola in GitHub and using Cloudflare pages, so every time they edit/modify something (in the main branch) gets deployed, but because of the date they start to have articles in a different order (the latest article goes last, etc, problems of copy-pasting previous article)

The template is more about what are you using - taxonomy, etc. The simplest front matter is

title = "Article name"

Also, with tera you could add timestamp directly to your html and don’t do any maniputations in content (link

Here is a simple Rust program you could adapt.

# Cargo.toml

name = "markdown_template"
version = "0.1.0"
edition = "2021"

chrono = "0.4.38"
indoc = "2.0.5"
/// main.rs

use chrono::Local;
use indoc::formatdoc;

fn main() {
    let current_date = Local::now().format("%Y-%m-%d").to_string();
    let template = formatdoc! {r#"
        title: ""
        date: {}
    "#, current_date};
    println!("{}", template);