Warn (or don't) instead of error when linking to drafts

I often write draft content, and want to link to it from production content when I think of the link. I would like to have Zola either warn - or in my case just ignore - when an internal link goes to a draft. When rendering, it should not render a link, so there is no broken link in production.

Consider the below files. When I use zola serve --drafts it should render published with a link to adraft. When I just do zola serve though, it should not complain about a broken link, and not render a link at all.

This lets me link my content as I’m writing, and then publish individual pages when they are ready, and have the links all ready to go.


title = "published"

this is published. it links to [a draft](@/adraft.md)


title = "a draft"
draft = true

just a draft

That seems reasonable