Use Templating Facility and Plumbing for Non HTML Content, i.e., Apply Templating of Non HTML Text Based Files

Zola has about 90% of the features on needs from a SSG but one of the most painful missing features is the ability have non HTML files.

E.g. if I save: content/my-txt.tpl in content with a frontmatter and template/my-txt.tpl.txt in templates, please give a feature so that the frontmatter in content/my-txt.txt is applied to the template template/my-txt.tpl.txt and the a my-txt.txt file is saved in the output. The extension txt, tpl and file name my-txt can be any arbitrary name. Templates and has the same meaning as the current index.html, page.html and section.html but writes out files with the extension .xyz which can be changed. has the same meaning as page.html but applies to any file with the pqr extension to output a xyz file.