URL-transparent sections or excluding pages from a sort order

I’m struggling with trying to shape my URL’s more freely. I want quite flat, short URLs, but some internal structure to the site. I’d like to have all of my blog posts directly under the root URL, but then also some additional pages that would be not counted into the blog posts. Currently I manage to do this by having all the blog posts under the root section, but that makes the free-standing pages as part of that section too. I tried to separate the blog posts into their own section, but then the URL loses it’s flatness.

This is what I want, for example:
https://saunoja.jp/blog1 (part of the blog section)
https://saunoja.jp/blog2 (part of the blog section)
https://saunoja.jp/blog3 (part of the blog section)

With the current Zola 0.14 I’m stuck with URLs like this:

Including profile in the same section as the blog posts makes it to show up as part of the pagination, later/earlier post links etc. which I find undesirable.

I initially thought that maybe there are support for excluding pages from a sort order in a section, but were unable to find that kind of a feature. That would have helped with the immediate problem; I could keep everything in the root section like before.

I recently found out about transparent sections, and thought that I could make it work with those, hiding the “blog” part of the URL, but it seems to do less than I imagined: it brings the child section pages to the parent section pages object, but the section is still not “transparent” in the URL sense as the directory gets still generated.

Is there any current functionality that would help with this kind of a structure? If not, would @keats consider any of the mentioned features reasonable?