Tera comments in markdown?

Hi, thanks for tera & zola! I was wondering if it’s possible to have tera comments (i.e {# foo #}) work in markdown files?
It seems that it is currently just rendered as plain text and visible.

My use case is some text that I would like to hide from end-users completely. The comment should only be visible for people editing the markdown file. HTML comments are not enough unfortunately.

  In markdown (.md) file:
  This comment will render in the HTML source
  but isn't visible in the browser.
[//]: # (This will not render in the HTML source so it can be used as an MD comment)
<!-- from: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4823468/comments-in-markdown#answer-20885980 -->

Technically this is an abuse of [label]: url (title) - a link reference definition.
Github markdown: 4.7 Link reference definitions.


@peerreynders thanks for pointing that out, that works for me :blue_heart: