Sitemap.xml - no extra access for Sections

The documentation says we should have access to extra when generating a sitemap.xml.

permalink: String;
date: String?;
extra: Hashmap<String, Any>?;

This seems to be true for pages, but I cannot get access to extra within sections.Yet I can add extra data to a section. Is this me doing something wrong or are pages and sections for SitemapEntry items different?

The only reason I’m adding extra toml data to sections is because I want a date for a section so I can set the lastmod for section pages in my sitemap.xml.

It would be simpler if a section has a date frontmatter field/item which could then be accessed like date for a page in the sitemap.xml.

Section pages might not be content pages rendered to a user, but they are going to be used in JSON-LD schema, meta tags and sitemaps.xml so so need a date, and even assets attached to them really.


Yep that’s a bug, the code adding the sections ( doesn’t do the same as for the pages.

Created an issue for it: